Electrician Practical links

Visit various sections of the institutes and location of electrical installations. https://youtu.be/qMCDYeLNbjQ
2. Identify safety symbols and hazards. https://youtu.be/7SAjm7qtYOw 
3. Preventivemeasures for electrical accidents and practice steps to be taken in such accidents. https://youtu.be/2nZ9lS6VHFU
4. Practice safe methods of fire fighting in case of electrical fire. https://youtu.be/P0cM8V1CcQU
5. Use of fire extinguishers. https://youtu.be/hm8Tene9Eqc
6. Practice elementary first aid. https://youtu.be/_eM_1jBynlI
7. Rescue a person and practiceartificial respiration. https://youtu.be/xkqlvM7SEYw
8. Disposal procedure of waste materials. https://youtu.be/jQYJF_foswg
9. Use of personal protective equipments. https://youtu.be/bEw34DyFBS4
10. Practice on cleanliness and procedure to maintain it. https://youtu.be/7emUloowPl0