Maruti Suzuki

Japan India Institute for Manufacturing:

In 2019-20, the Governments of Japan and India signed an agreement to create a pool of skilled manpower for manufacturing in India. To translate the vision of this partnership, the Company embarked on setting up the first Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM) at Uncha Majra, Gurugram (Haryana).


Maruti Suzuki strives to be a people’s company, and for that, it needs to take care of everyone. Not only is it completely dedicated to the customers, but also to the communities around the facilities. As a part of the community development programme, Maruti Suzuki identify their needs through formal surveys, one to one contact, and by engaging with the leaders. Their CSR programmes tackle social issues at both local and national level in order to develop scalable, impactful, and sustainable social programmes that leave a visible impact for the future generations.